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Damn, it’s getting close now. So close, in fact, I’m getting a bit nervous. Even worse, I’m becoming complacent – “Oh that’s not going to come up”, “We don’t need to know that much detail”, etc. I hope I’m right, I so really hope so.

I spend a record 11 hours in the SL (study landscape…it’s not a library!) today. Four of them were spent in a project room answering questions with two other guys. I’m not really sure how well that helps, but I’m sure it does more than me just reading notes repeatedly. Sadly my record will probably be trumped on Monday as I’m planning to be in for 9 and out at 11. Wednesday might be even longer as I really should take my time and pass the resit (if I don’t…all hell breaks loose).

Haven’t told my parents about it, nor many people in fact. My parents won’t understand anything other than the word “fail” so I don’t plan on telling them unless I fail the next one (which would mean I’d need to go to Progress Committee…ARGH!). The problem with not telling everyone comes on Tuesday night when everyone will be not “caring about gluconeogeneis, let’s get smashed” as the posters say. Yeah, I wish. I plan on slipping away surreptitiously at around 11pm without having had too much to drink.

I’ve had some support from a few friends but I can’t see them getting out of their beds to help me make some questions, we’ll see.

Come Thursday morning however, I’m trying to work out how best to celebrate (assuming Tuesday’s papers are decent). Hopefully it’ll be a really nice sunny day and I can sit in the park doing absolutely nothing.

It’s quite scary, that’s 1 year gone. Four more of them and I’ll be done. Very scary.

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  1. May 17th, 2010 at 23:03 | #1

    I remember this!!!

  2. May 19th, 2010 at 04:10 | #2

    your blog look nice. Your story is inspiring,lucy

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