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Now a 2nd year

It’s true, I passed! Quite a delayed post, since I got the results almost 2 weeks ago. My final grade was a C for the written paper. This is pretty terrible compared to my performance in 6th year and compared to my flatmates. However (feeling the need to defend myself) this would be around 70%, not 50% which is what my mum was thinking. Regardless of the grade, I made it to year 2 and that’s what matters. Now the fun really begins. The results turned up at a reasonable time on Monday, so I wasn’t left waiting while I was working.

The MILE resit came back a few days later. Thankfully it was a pass as well although had I done the same for my first attempt it would have been a B instead of a D.


As with the Applicant’s Day that I helped out with at the end of last year I also went to the first Open Day. By a sharp contrast this was a lot busier and I only got a break when they were holding a talk on admissions. I total I took around 40 about the medical school on a tour but had to leave early as I was working. When we had around about 4 tours on at once each with at least 10 people, you get the idea of how big the turn-out was. The second years had decided to show off some of the more intriguing toys in the clinical skills such as Little Annie and something like the above. That one certainly got a few interesting looks but nobody seemed keen on getting stuck in, so to speak.

Had the house to myself last week which was certainly a breath of fresh air. Everyone’s back now and it really didn’t feel like a week. The folks turned up a day earlier than expected and that was quite a shock to my plans, but luckily nothing too serious.

It was my last day of work on Thursday which means I now have nothing to do during the day. That is, of course, until I’m forced into actually working by my parents. Although, the way the keep moaning about lack of money I’m going to be glad to be out of the house as much as possible. They’re acting like we’re going to need to cut down on electricity supply just to be able to survive.

And now the argument is over who gets the computers and who gets the TV. Honestly, I want to get back to Glasgow. Next week though my flatmates are going to view the flat that I picked on my own. I can’t pretend I’m not nervous about it all. I can barely remember the flat at all. Hopefully it’s better than I think I remember it, that way we might not have any arguments about it. Yeah…right. At least it’ll finally be over. Besides, the location is excellent – merely a few hundred yards from University Avenue.

A few geeky posts coming up, as soon as I work out what I was going to write. Still no word from the SRC on the IT job. Grr…

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  1. Wayne
    July 9th, 2007 at 05:22 | #1

    WTF is that image? …seriously… wtf is that doing there….

  2. July 9th, 2007 at 14:28 | #2

    It’s the training model I was showing applicants. Has lots of different features

  3. October 28th, 2010 at 16:31 | #3

    it jobs are very much in demand these days because of technology boom”-.

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