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Examine me this

November 16th, 2007

Exciting times. Unlike first year when you do one chest examination and a bit of musculoskeletal stuff, second year feels a lot more “proper”. So far we’ve done a musculoskeletal screening test known as GALS and have gone over the basics of a neuro exam. Compared to first year it actually feels that we’re proper medical students. The timetable for all this vocational skills (VS) stuff is pretty busy. Next week we’ve got more neuro (plus a bit of CPR which should be easy enough for me) followed the week after by doing it on patients for real. At the moment we learn it on each other which is relatively save. Sadly our tutor is leaving us before Christmas. Considering she is probably the most organised person I’ve met yet on the course, I’m quite gutted about this. Hopefully we’ll get someone equally decent to replace her.

SSM deadline has been extended due to IT problems (which seems to be a recurring theme in medicine these days). My top choice (intro to pain management) currently has 20 people picked it as a first choice for 16 spots. How they decide who gets it we don’t really know, but the word on the street is that it is completely random. Compared to probably the most popular - addictions, which has 4 slots and over 25 first choices - I’ve got a fairly good shot of getting it. Hopefully find out on Monday. Hopefully.

Scotland vs. Italy tomorrow. We need to win to qualify. I’m not a betting person, but I can’t see us pulling this one out of the hat. If we do though, I’ll be very pleased. Since it’s playing at Hampden the whole of Glasgow seems to have gone manic. Scotland flags are a popular site outside of windows etc. I can’t help but wonder where I’d be watching it if my Disclosure was back now but I’ll have to settle for a local pub instead. Sad thing is I have noone really to go with.

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