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December already, it’s been such a quick year. This means I now have to accept that Christmas is near and should probably make more of an effort on the present front. It also means I have to open my two advent calendars (neither of which I bought!). Guess I’m going to be taking my running stuff home with me…

Now that I’ve actually spent some proper time with St Andrews I get an understanding of the real disadvantage that must plague ambulance staff. Whilst we can do a lot for things like cuts and stuff, we never really know what happens to people afterwards. Take a suspected fracture. Did the guy go to A&E and get it seen to? Was it even a fracture? Will he be playing this weekend? I don’t know whether it’s medical curiosity or just general need-to-know that makes this bug me. Kind of makes me wonder whether I could deal with working in A&E or not.

At the end of the day though, I don’t have any choice but to move on. The more serious the casualty though, the more I want to know.

In other news, I only have 1 more day to go! This is followed however by 2, maybe 3, nights out. I’m having a real problem enjoying nights out this year. I don’t know whether I’m just bored of people there or if I don’t see the point in getting quite so drunk quite so often. Who knows, but I feel compelled to go anyway.

Block 8 coursework was handed in on Tuesday. I wasn’t ecstatic that it was my best work but I feel it was a pass at least. We get our Block 7 results this Friday, which will either put me in a good or bad mood for the rest of the holidays. Oh the fun.

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