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Goodbye 2007!

December 30th, 2007

So it’s almost the end of another year. It also means I’ve had a blog for about 8 months. I’ve not wrote as much as I’d have liked but, looking back, I’ve done not bad. No idea who is or why anyone is reading this but I hope it’s at least vaguely interesting.

Christmas was pretty good. My brother got a Wii, which is slightly shared with me, so that dominated most of Christmas Day and a good deal of Boxing Day too. Went to the sales on the morning of Boxing Day but couldn’t find much that interested me. Still managed to spend a bit on clothes. My other vouchers will go on stuff for my bike most likely which I think I’m taking back with me to Glasgow

After Boxing Day I went back to Glasgow to do some St Andrew’s work on the Ice at George Square. I managed, somehow, to get the wrong day - I went on the 27th and wasn’t meant to be doing anything till the 28th. So I went and bought a copy of Runner’s World (in an attempt to motivate me, not sure if it’ll work) and also another paramedic blog book and went back to my (rather empty) flat.

The day later I was back on the ice proper, although the weather was terribly and we were some of the few. I met 2 British Red Cross members who were on with us and learned a lot of interesting details about the differences between StAA and BRC. It’s not really too relevant to me since, at the end of the day (hopefully), I’ll be a fully fledged doc. However for those looking to maybe go into the ambulance service, the training provided by the Red Cross is far beyond any offered by StAA and within about a year they’ll be almost training to the level of an EMT.

Some of the differences are common sense (anaphylaxis is integrated into the standard first aid), others seem to cut down the red tap - I wouldn’t have to be a member for a year to take an AED training course - and then there is the general higher training level, involving medical gases and transport to hospitals.

I’m not really in the mood to convert over - not yet anyway - but had I known any of this before joining StAA I may have been tempted the other way.

Anyway, the event itself was dead. We had only a couple simple casualties. I did, however, get asked to come back the day later. Unfortunately there was relatively little for us to do that day as well, despite the much increased number of people on the ice. I did marvel at the insistence of one mother who wasn’t having any of her son’s injured knee and made him walk home. Mother’s know best, apparently.

I could be at the castle for hogmanay, thankfully not doing any first aid. See you in 2008!

[Posted a bit late, but I did write it in 2007...]

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  1. Calum Nelson
    February 10th, 2009 at 14:27 | #1


    I know I’m commenting on a really old post, but ah well! I just finished my Standard Course with the Red Cross and thought I’d let you know a few differences I found with St Andrews. First and foremost, if you’re going to be volunteering with the Red Cross, your course is totally free. The Red Cross will never have you pay for anything: not uniform, not equipment, not even your lunch. Also, AED is now incorportated into our Standard Course, so we can use it right from the start. By the time St Andrews people learn to use an AED, a Red Cross person could be using Entonox and putting in airways! Obviously I’ve not been in the Red Cross long, so I’m not sure of other differences, but I’m sure I’ll come across more as I go along.


    • February 18th, 2009 at 12:27 | #2


      Thanks for the info. I find the Red Cross has very little information about its courses that the public can get to. This is probably why I didn’t go with them in the first place. Things are changing though…

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