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Bored to be back

October 6th, 2008

This is the start of my 3rd teaching week back at Uni and, to be honest, I’m still a bit bored. The problem is my current Student Selected Module (SSM) which last for the first 5 weeks of teaching. The term “Student Selected” is slightly inappropriate as this SSM - cardiovascular science (or heart stuff) - was actually my 5th choice out of the possible 6.

Unfortunately my higher choices were all a bit too popular. Top of my list was “Resuscitation to Recovery” which would’ve simply been awesome. However only 2 students can fit into this one with somewhere around 50 of us selecting it as our first choice. I would’ve settled for my 4th choice quite happily (Clinical Pharmacology) but I guess I had put that just a tad too low down.

Just to cause more annoyance both of my new medical flatmates are doing Clinical Pharmacology and, although they are considerably busier, are actually learning something useful.

In contrast cardiovascular science is quite basic. Unlike being specifically run for us we’re actually spending our time on the first 5 weeks of a Human Biology/Physiology Level 3 course. Sadly it seems our level of knowledge is just that little bit higher than our fellow science students and for the most part everything we’ve covered so far has been revision. There have been a few lectures where the detail is deeper than anything I’ve covered in PBL but these are quite few.

I also have next to nothing to spend my evening doing. Where I would usually have a PBL to learn or coursework to write I’m currently attempting to self-learn ECGs simply to keep myself from falling asleep by 9pm. This will change come tomorrow where we have a lab (”Isolated blood vessel”) that requires us to write a lab report. There’s only one problem there.

How on earth do I write a lab report?

My 6th year science projects are probably the most recent version of a lab report I’ve written, certainly nothing at Uni level. I have to hope, therefore, that either someone is going to show me the light or that I can remember at least something from over 2 years ago.

One decision that seems to be going round in circles in my head is whether or not I apply to do an intercalated degree. This would occur after 3rd year and would involve me taking a year out of Medicine to study either a medical based subject (there is a small list, topics such as cancer, immunity, neruoscience, etc) or a more traditional biomedical science (pharmacology, physiology, etc). Both of these, providing I complete them, would lead to me achieving a BSc at the end of the single year before returning to Medicine the year later. There are many pros and cons to this option and I’m not sure which way my mind will finally fall.

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