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Almost there

October 20th, 2008

After 4 weeks of this SSM I’m almost at the end of it. It seems bizzare to start year 3 properly at the beginning of November and to consider that I’m half way to the Christmas holidays already. In truth I’m quite excited about getting started. The last couple of weeks, as i mentioned back then, haven’t been the most exciting. I’ve been labouring over my lab reports for the last few days and I’m now bored of them too.

That said, I’ve been doing enough outside of the course that the time seems to have flown by. Apparently October is a popular birthday month as well as a personal anniversary. These combined seemed to eat away a week of the last month in a Pacman like style. All were rather enjoyable so I can’t begrudge them.

We have finally been informed a bit more about how third year operates leading to mixed feelings of both excitement and nervousness. It boils down to something like this:

  • Monday: (AM) Clinical Practice in hospital (every 2nd week). (PM) PBL in hospital
  • Tuesday: Clinical Practice in community (every 2nd week)
  • Wednesday: Labs/lectures at Uni
  • Thursday: See Monday
  • Friday: Labs/lectures/freedom
  • Sat/Sun: Vampire time

On the days we don’t do clinical practice in the hospital we’re there for “self study”. Whether this means we actually have to go in or not remains a mystery. I have the Monklands as my hospital for the first 2 blocks. It’s not perfect, being about 25 minutes or so by train, but is pretty close to my gran which will be nice for lunch purposes and anytime I don’t want to be late.

Where exactly my GP placement will be still remains to be seen. I have high hopes for one that’s at least within Glasgow although it’s not exactly likely. “Student led consultations” are timetabled as one of the parts of the day at GP which will certainly be interesting.

Today we started out first aid teaching for 1st year students. I wasn’t quite expecting just how much of the teaching we were going to be expected to do - pretty much all of it. I ended up talking for about 10-15 minutes about checking response levels and the airway in terms of a primary survey. We managed to split the class into smaller groups to run through a bit of practical concerning recovery position and (after my persuation :D ) a bit about log rolling. After the second run through today we’ve added in a bit more practical on how to do a secondary survey. It’s quite basic but still a useful teaching experience.

It did bring me back to thinking about my senior elective and where I might do that. However, I’m getting quite interested in the possibility of an intercalated degree. We’ll see.

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