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Intercalated - yes or no?

December 14th, 2008

The time is nearing when I’ll need to decide whether to apply to study an intercalated degree next year. It comes down to weighing up the possible benefits I’ll get from this year compared to the likely disadvantages.

The down sides are pretty easy to see, the major ones include:

  • Increased debt
  • Delay in graduating
  • Leave my current year
  • Uncertainty about the career advantages

On the other hand that last disadvantage could open a world of advantages:

  • Gain a bonus over other applicants when it comes to job applications
  • Ability to enter an academic route (something I’d likely enjoy)
  • Spend time learning a subject in detail
  • Learn how to carry out research
  • Possibility of publication (it happens!)

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve considered that I’ll apply regardless. The financial aspect won’t be a concern providing I have no problem in keeping my job for the next few years. Going back a year will be quite unusual but I’ll get used to it no doubt.

Glasgow offers 2 different types of intercalated - one in the medical or in the biological faculties. The medical intercalated is based on a core degree programme combined with a specialist module of my selection. My current train of thought involves the developmental medicine specialist module. I’m slightly worried that this will be quite competitive so my effort is on improving my exam results this year.

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