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Macworld 09, post-keynote

January 6th, 2009

I think we can all agree that it was a pretty average keynote? Certainly not one MacRumors will want to remember - I realised just how good their feed is when I had to go try and find something to replace it.

iPhoto looks great. I was using it earlier today and many of those new features would greatly improve how my library is managed. As for iMove and Garageband I can only really say “meh”.

iWork offers some needed improvements - EndNote integration in Pages is awesome and I’ll be looking into properly using it in the future.

My real surprise was in the Box Set which was almost aimed straight at me and offers quite a price reduction compared to the individual packages. I can’t exactly afford it right now but I’ll probably consider it in the next few months. My only concern is Snow Leopard may be out by that time, pushing the price higher or replacing it altogether.

I have a feeling everyone has a bit of a misconception about DRM free music. I understood it that it will be offered on iTunes Plus along side regular iTunes - no doubt at a hiked price. Certainly a step in the right direction though.

The lack of hardware upgrades, particularly for the Mini, is interesting. The next regular big Apple event would be the WWDC in June. Could we perhaps be seeing something between now and then that will give us something to get interested in? I hope so, but probably not.

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