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Glasogw Uni Halls – My views

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This is a cross-post from an applicants forum about university halls. Putting it here for easy finding in future. May also be helpful…

A bit of background first – I lived in Unite halls in year 1 due to the glasgow priorities. Try and read about this to see where you’ll be placed. They seem open to a bit of persuasion so do write letters etc if it’ll be an issue. After year 1 I moved out to private landlords. My view of the halls is therefore limited, but you’re getting it all anyway.

This is the student halls of glasgow. It’s the size of a small village and takes the majority of 1st year students. It is the place to go if you’re looking for a true student experience. One of the few places in the west end where someone will always be awake and walking around. People both love and hate murano. It’s easy to meet people with everyone being in the same situation.

Practically, murano is about 20 minutes walk from the Uni. It consists of either 5 or 12 students per flat. Trust me when I say that murano is the ultimate stereotype of a student flat. Showers/toilets are shared and usually deteriorate quickly. Some cleaning service is provided but it’s not great. The bedrooms are generally a bit better (all single beds) and it’s really up to you how the room looks.

Murano is great for 1st year where you want to meet people and have the time to spend outside of Uni work. Best suited for the sociable who isn’t too fussed about a bit of mess.

Queen Margaret
Not been here much and only in 1st year so my experience is limited. It’s also about 20 minutes to Uni although in a slightly nicer area of the west end.

Queen Margaret’s rooms are all en suite so great for those who’re a bit worried about the mess. The bumps the cost up though unfortunately.

Sociable it’s not a bad place to be. You’re very close to Winton Drive and there will always be people to meet here.

Completely opposite side of the Uni from the above. About 15 minutes walk from Uni. We’re back to shared showers/toilets here and in some cases there are shared bedrooms. Always seemed a bit cleaner than murano though.

A lot of people will compare murano to a prison. Personally I see cairncross as a better prison model. There is one corridor that never seems to end with all rooms coming off it. I also remember being told to quieten down reasonably early in the evening.

Heard mixed view about cairncross. The rooms are a reasonable quality and it’s closer to town but you generally mix with those who you share a kitchen with.

Wolfson Halls
The only catered halls of the Uni. It’s much to far away to be any use at all (2 buses apparently). My advice would be to buy a cookbook instead. Near the larger sports complex though which might interest someone. Full of vets.

Unite is a private company specialising in student halls. They have a few properties throughout glasgow. Until about last week they had a property called Cooperage Place over near Yorkhill (close to cairncross) but this has been sold to the Uni. Nothing about it on the Uni pages at the moment so god only knows what’s happening. Cooperage can probably be compared to Queen Margaret. There are some double rooms though.

Gibson street, for those who’re asking, is still being built at the moment. It’s certainly come on quite well recently and looks almost finished. Unite as landlords are as a business would be – charging for lots. In return though Gibson St would put you about 5 minutes from the Uni (at a price!). They also let any students in (not just 1st years, like above) so you’re ability to mix is limited slightly.

Generally I’d suggest you visit somewhere before going forward for it.

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  1. April 9th, 2009 at 22:36 | #1

    Since when was cooperage sold to the uni? this is news to me. Hows it going anyway? lunch soon?

    • April 12th, 2009 at 20:58 | #2

      Since about 3 weeks ago. It’s quite funny all the changes – there is a Chief Senior Resident who is obviously ultimately important.

      Lunch was meant to be organised by you, get a move on, seesh. And you (had better) still have my clothes.

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