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All done

I’m finished at last!

Today was probably the best day of the week since I knew what was coming up. The only thing that really threw me was the breast examination. I was expecting a manikin but instead had an actor with some strap on breasts.

Heading to the Apple store now to try and see if my iPod is fixable then it’s drinking time! Won’t last long though before I head home to start an intensive care module.

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  1. May 22nd, 2009 at 14:06 | #1

    I got a pair of strap-on boobs once, from the pet store in the village where I went to school; long story. It was for a fancy dress ceilidh, I went as Zelda, warrior princess (again, long story). A boy from the year below me thought they were spongy, like made of silicone, and punched them (I knew him, this wasn’t a random attack btw). Trouble is they were actually made of thin plastic and his fist when straight though.

    I’m not sure which of us was more surprised!

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