Scott's Spiel

Approaching the Finish Line

As I sit down to write this, the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter. After countless weeks of navigating the challenges of fourth year, I find myself with just a few days left to go. There's still the matter of getting signed off for this block, but I'm holding onto hope that it'll happen smoothly in the coming day or so.

With that, I can finally see the possibility of a summer holiday on the horizon. Though I must admit, I've already encountered a stumbling block. August is spoken for, earmarked as my elective, and I'm genuinely looking forward to it. As I've mentioned in previous posts, July has been claimed by the relentless pursuit of funds to sustain me through the journey.

With this knowledge in mind, I approach what might be my best shot at a vacation with cautious optimism. This time next week, I'll be braving the Florida heat, and I'm hopeful that it'll be a much-needed break. It's my first time abroad in far too many years, and I believe I've earned it. Some of my friends, those who've taken a different path, have already enjoyed more holiday time than I have or will have in the near future. Such is my fate, and I must bear my jealousy.

With only a week to escape to Florida, there won't be much opportunity to forget about that jealousy, but I'll do my best.

Once it's all said and done, and we return to face our final year, the looming threat of exams will be waiting for us. In addition to the exams, I'll have to navigate the treacherous waters of job applications. This is quite an intriguing subject in itself. Over the past months, and especially in recent weeks, I've contemplated applying for an Academic Foundation program. The odds were stacked against me, and the thought of filling out the application form was almost embarrassing, considering the gaps I would leave. The benefits were far from clear, and the prospect of leaving my comfort zone was less than appetizing.

With all this in mind, I haven't even registered to apply for this position. Have I made a mistake? Perhaps. I might end up regretting it if I find myself on Shetland or some other place I have no desire to go. But on the whole, I believe it was the right choice, and time will tell what unfolds.

This is what I have to face, and it's not as distant as it may seem. As much as I long for a return to normality, I know it will come all too quickly. And then next year, after the exams and the stress of job hunting, on the longest day of 2011, perhaps I'll have the pleasure of making my friends jealous because they still have a few days left...