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Off at a tangent

June 11th, 2010 No comments

So, unlike that interview from a few years past, I actually got this job. It’ll be a logistical headache but otherwise should be good.


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Snow Leopard – Shot myself in the foot

August 24th, 2009 No comments

Most Mac users will no doubt be happy with the announcement that Snow Leopard will be out this Friday (28th August), especially at the price of only £25! Unfortunately I seem to have shot myself in the foot. I haven’t upgraded to Leopard yet, I was waiting for the price to drop or some really nice features that make me want to pay. For a few reasons I now want to get up to Snow Leopard and iLife 09. Apple are happy to sell me the Mac Box Set with everything I need for £129.

However, I was a bit silly earlier this year and decided to buy iWork 09 (it being installable on Tiger). This means I’ll be buying the Box Set with bits of software I don’t need.

I’m looking at the cost of getting Leopard -> Snow Leopard + iLife but I can’t see it being less than £129. Can I resell the iWork from the box set?

Either way, silly me!

Edit: Maybe not! Apparently Snow Leopard will install happily on Tiger. In which case I’d have saved some money. Will be waiting for a few days to see how other people upgrading from Tiger get on (someone obviously will).

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IP.Board 3 – An icon for my app

August 19th, 2009 1 comment

Something nice and quick I’ve come across recently whilst upgrading my IP.Board modification to a new version 3 “Application”. In the Admin CP on the My Apps dropdown there is the ability to have a nice little icon beside the title. You’ll find the IPS calendar has this and I wanted something similar.

As it turns out this is fairly simple – providing you are using the application structure in version 3. Simply add your icon to the skin_cp folder as appIcon.png.

Done! :)

Couldn’t find anything about this when I searched so I thought I’d put it here.

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iPhone, Gmail and Deleted Messages

August 6th, 2009 7 comments

I’ll be the first to admit the iPhone and Gmail don’t work overly well (using the iPhone’s Mail app). A bit of digging though and you’ll find the ideal way to set up Gmail on the iPhone.

The problem I’ve been having is with messages I want archived. Using the delete function on the iPhone certainly gets them archived but also adds a silly “Deleted Messages” label to it. I like control over my labels and this was a bit annoying.

Update – See ross71521’s comment below for a slightly more effective solution, although mine still works ;)

The solution: On the iPhone go to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> {Your Gmail account} -> Advanced -> Deleted Mailbox. I set my Deleted Mailbox to All Mail (on the server) and the labels are no more.

Not noticed any bugs with this but let me know if there’s something I’ve missed.

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WordPress as a CMS – Useful URLs

July 30th, 2009 No comments

Many people are now considering using WordPress as a content management system (CMS). While that is not what WordPress was originally designed for, it can be an excellent CMS if used properly.

One of the problems for those trying to set up a CMS with WordPress is to try and have the URLs make sense. Imagine having a site with a root install (WordPress) and also wanting a forum (in /forum say). It wouldn’t make much sense to have links for blog posts coming from the root but yet having to go through a folder for a forum. At least, it doesn’t make much sense to me.

What I wanted to do was separate blog posts from the rest of WordPress. We want WordPress to run the whole show but we need to make the actual blog look like a separate entity.

As it turns out, this is rather simple. The permalink features of WordPress can sort it all out. To set this up you’ll need everything mentioned in the Codex Permalinks article.

On the permalinks screen, select the structure of your choice. A numerical indicator is recommended at least somewhere. You should have some content in the Custom Structure box by selecting one of the default options. Simply modify this to include the “subfolder” you want your blog to live (something like /blog/ would make sense, no?). You should be left with something like this: Picture 1Simply Save and your blog will now appear as if it is in a subdirectory. Much more logistical. Pages are unaffected by this change so you can add pages to your CMS to your hearts content. I’ve found this works well, although plugins may be affected.

Would be interested if anyone has done this differently.

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iPhone & O2: Sigh

June 9th, 2009 1 comment

I was, as always, excited at the prospect of another Apple keynote (even without Steve Jobs) yesterday. I was really hoping for some new iPhone hardware with some of those rumoured price cuts.

I was pretty pleased then when I heard the iPhone 3Gs announcement and even more pleased with the price drop of the current iPhone 3G down to $99.

This didn’t last long though when I found out how much of this price cut O2 will be passing on – a whole £2.

Not impressed, I want an iPhone but nothing has really changed following the keynote. Sigh.

Guardian Tech – which has been running an excellent WWDC coverage – has this wonderful reply from O2:

…you’re not going to find a better deal anywhere else.

Funny that, considering they are the only (real) carrier in the UK.

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Using Gmail mobile on Nokia 6500

April 1st, 2009 No comments

I recently upgraded my 02 contract to include unlimited internet browsing. While I wait to get a phone that can actually deal with this excellent bolt on I’m currently getting as much as I can out of it on my nokia 6500 classic.

Despite the problems with the phone it is quite capable of running a number of applications, including the Gmail mobile app. I downloaded it and for some strange reason the phone decides it belongs in the Games folder. Going to Menu -> Apps -> Options allows you to create a new folder (mine is “Web Apps”) and you can move the Gmail App in here (by going to Options when it’s selected from the Games folder).

After opening Gmail and logging in you’ll notice that it has a generally annoying habit of asking for network access time and time again (bascially whenever you want to do something). Thankfully there is a way around this. In the folder with the Gmail app selected, go again to the Options menu. Select Application access -> Communications -> Network access. This allows you to change how the program gains network access. For Gmail I’ve changed mine to Ask first time only which thankfully saves any of this trouble.

Other apps I’ve found so far which are worth downloading include Opera Mini and TinyTwitter. The above can also be applied to these and, especially for TinyTwitter, it helps a lot. I tried to get hold of jTwitter but kept getting 404s. Anyone able to help me here?

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Nokia 6500 classic – deleting lots of SMS messages

February 25th, 2009 29 comments

I’ve been having a problem recently with my phone – a nokia 6500 classic. Bascially, when I bought the phone I quickly found out that the memory capacity is rather large. I quite enjoyed not having to empty my inbox out very often.

A good while later I have over 5000 text messages on my phone. This has really noticable complications, mainly trying to write a message when starting the phone. It took over 10 minutes for the messaging system to ready itself from a fresh switch on, which is quite annoying after a while!

When I tried to delete these messages using the Menu -> Messaging -> Delete Messages option my phone would do something rather weird and even more annoying. After a variable number of messages, usually around 30-40, it would freeze. Deleteing would not continue. If you cancel the deleting at this point the majority of the phone is fine however trying to access any messaging features doesn’t work.

Today I managed to find a solution. Instead of using the more obvious way of deleting messages I did this:

Menu -> Messaging -> Inbox -> Options -> Mark All. This returns to the inbox with a checkmark down the whole list. Now I go for Options -> Delete marked.

It did its usual on the first attempt although it stopped after about 130 messages. Plus, it returns to the inbox when if you cancel it at this point and doesn’t lock out messaging features. I tried again and within about 2 or 3 repeats I had completely cleared the inbox. The same process on the sent items box cleaned my whole phone of messages. It’s now much speedier to load.

I imagine someone will probabaly experience a similar problem (found someone with the slide version via google) so I hope this post will save a bit of stress.

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Macworld 09, post-keynote

January 6th, 2009 No comments

I think we can all agree that it was a pretty average keynote? Certainly not one MacRumors will want to remember – I realised just how good their feed is when I had to go try and find something to replace it.

iPhoto looks great. I was using it earlier today and many of those new features would greatly improve how my library is managed. As for iMove and Garageband I can only really say “meh”.

iWork offers some needed improvements – EndNote integration in Pages is awesome and I’ll be looking into properly using it in the future.

My real surprise was in the Box Set which was almost aimed straight at me and offers quite a price reduction compared to the individual packages. I can’t exactly afford it right now but I’ll probably consider it in the next few months. My only concern is Snow Leopard may be out by that time, pushing the price higher or replacing it altogether.

I have a feeling everyone has a bit of a misconception about DRM free music. I understood it that it will be offered on iTunes Plus along side regular iTunes – no doubt at a hiked price. Certainly a step in the right direction though.

The lack of hardware upgrades, particularly for the Mini, is interesting. The next regular big Apple event would be the WWDC in June. Could we perhaps be seeing something between now and then that will give us something to get interested in? I hope so, but probably not.

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Macworld 09

January 6th, 2009 No comments

At 4:30pm I arrive back home. My brother looks at his new game of Risk and subtly signals my participation.

At 5pm I realise the time in SF will be 9am. I pause the game to load MacRumors Live (they can’t spell properly but still have the best live coverage) expecting to see a sea of pre-keynote chatter.

At 5:05pm I realise it’s Monday. As I exclaim “idiot” my brother agrees. Play continues…

Now that I’ve actually got the correct day it gives me a chance to look at what could be coming out of the Moscone Center this afternoon.

There seems to be the general assumption that Schiller won’t be unveiling any big new products. Now that we know Jobs isn’t taking part due to health reasons I think that assumption is a bit premature. And yet, I still believe it to be true. Apple just hasn’t got the room for another iPhone sized product at the moment. I don’t think we’ll be seeing the iPhone nano today, even if it does exist.

Enhancements will probably be key. Upgrades to iTunes and the App store are almost definite with probably a bit of talk about the desktop line. I’d love to see some cloud computing discussion, possibly related to Snow Leopard? Most of that will be waiting for the WWDC I’d guess.

I’d also appreciate some price drops, although it is Apple so that is unlikely. I’ve still not upgraded to Leopard and simply don’t have any motivation to at the current price.

Away from Apple any sign of Chrome for the Mac would be a real surprise. I don’t think we’ll be getting that today though and no doubt any Safari competitor would not be featuring in an Apple keynote, regardless of who delivers it.

While we’ll still have the WWDC and no doubt other Apple controlled events I’m going to miss the suspense and rumour that the Macworld keynote brings. I hope Phil Schiller ends Apple’s participation in style.

On a briefly related note:

Loved it!

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