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Posted by Scott On March - 7 - 2008

So I managed to ignore all the many emails and let this domain expire. Thankfully no-one cared enough to steal it off me so I’ve got it back safely. This means it must be a year since I set this up, doesn’t seem that long at all.

I also have a job!

Kind of. Technically it’s all depending on references and a(nother) Disclosure. I’ve lost count of what number I’m up to now. I may have to pay for this one though, grr.

That aside, the job is based at the Southern General, which is actually a bit of a trek for me. Thankfully, the night subway bus goes right next to me to close to the hospital, so it shouldn’t be too bad. When do I start? Who knows! May take a while due to Disclosure and references, plus I need to find training time in there somewhere. I’m wondering whether, during the summer, I could work part of the week in Stirling and the weekends doing this. Either way, I aim to be pretty rich come September and not waste it on something like a laptop. Or an iPod touch….

Or a car.

A few good days

Posted by Scott On February - 28 - 2008

Quite rare, but they do happen.

Just yesterday, when I talked to my mum and decided not to work at all over Easter and instead face financial mayhem, do I hear about an interview for a phlebotomy job. Considering I’ve applied for that about 3 times in the past, it’s progress. It’s next Wednesday and I just so happen to be free that day. Call it fate. We’ll see.

Even more impressive was my mum taking me to see cars and end up buying one. Sadly it’s not for me but I was still amazed at the abruptness of her decision.

Pain management is rolling along nicely. We have only one more clinical day outstanding and it’s paediatrics, which should be excellent. I have so far this SSM seen - people in pain, gynae day surgery, more people in pain, impressive surgery involving blood with colourful stuff in it, difficult intubations and difficult sedated patients, 2 caesarian sections (both girls, all well), fractured femurs and difficult hips, knee replacements and acupuncture. Quite a lot for 2 weeks! It’s been an excellent module and now I have to start thinking more about the report. I’ll probably stick with PCA as it’s quite a wide topic. Not sure if I’ll get it buffed up to the size required for the essay competition - it’s possible.

We have a tutorial tomorrow to discuss it with our supervisor so I’ll see what’s mentioned then. Following that I have what can only be described as a weekend of first aid - kids hockey, adults boxing (both Friday), Saturday football and helping out at a first aid class on Sunday. I didn’t quite plan it to happen like that, but if phlebotomy goes forward I may not have many free weekends left!

In times of stress

Posted by Scott On February - 24 - 2008

A 2000 word essay, a 3000 word essay, a presentation and revision(!!). All to be done in the next couple of weeks. Add on the clinical visists, a couple of first aid duties, the prospect of a job interview (heh) and not forgetting the girlfriend all means I’m feeling exhausted.

Worst of all though is I’m now in severe money problems. Hopefully I’ll hear this week about an interview for phlebotomy which would be ideal. If not, I’m faced with a dilemma - either work during easter (and possible fail due to lack of revision) or suck it up in my overdraft. I’m going to discuss it with my mum this week, I really don’t know any more.

If I do work and fail my exam, it means I won’t be keen on working as much in the summer. However, if I pass the exam I could work almost full time in the summer. According to my counter, I have 3 and a half months to go…I might be able to make it. Obviously, if I get a phlebotomy post then this doesn’t matter. I know what I’m hoping for.


Posted by Scott On February - 14 - 2008

Valentine’s day is here. I don’t agree with it on so many levels but feel like I should kind of celebrate it. Therefore….

Happy Valentine’s Day

If you happen to be alone this year then I suggest you go out and live dangerously.

Gotta love the beeb.

Posted by Scott On January - 20 - 2008


I’ll agree with the subject of this article, which is much too political for my poor blog, but I dislike the wording. Isn’t Scotland part of the UK?

Source (BBC news)

St Andrew’s woes

Posted by Scott On January - 19 - 2008

Disclaimer - This is not meant to offen