Scott's Spiel

Closing the Circle

No, I haven't tackled an audit yet. That particular checkbox remains conspicuously unchecked over the past four years. With a bit of luck, its absence won't prove too consequential.

Instead, I find myself gearing up for the commencement of my final year in a manner reminiscent of how I began my journey—by attending an interview. This marks the third interview I've experienced since starting Uni, and it's highly likely that it'll be the last before stepping into the realm of a proper job. Interestingly, I didn't even have the chance for an interview during my first two years, making this occasion all the more significant. It may sound somewhat trivial, but it carries a deeper significance that I'll save for a future post.

The job opportunity aligns with my interests—a fusion of medicine and IT, centered around creating podcasts to educate on clinical skills. The ultimate goal is to research their effectiveness, a prospect that resonates with my passion for medical education. It all seems rather perfect! They're looking for someone who can commit to working through the summer for a minimum of 4 weeks. This is where a hint of worry creeps in. Between returning from Florida and commencing my elective, I do have a four-week window. However, I've also volunteered to be at T in the Park with the Red Cross. Hopefully, schedules won't clash too dramatically, as I'd rather not be faced with making a tough choice. While I personally don't anticipate a flood of applicants for this position, I won't allow myself to become complacent. Time will reveal the outcome.

In the meantime, I'm back in Glasgow, gearing up for the Snow Patrol concert on Saturday. The flat is unusually quiet, with only me in residence. To maintain my sanity, I've begun adorning the walls with various items. I promise to share pictures once it starts to take on an impressive look!