Scott's Spiel

A Not-So-Summer Summer Adventure

The calendar insists it's July, but as I peer out my window, the weather seems to have other plans. It's the kind of day that could easily pass for November or March with a little persuasion. Nevertheless, the calendar's verdict is clear—I've officially added another year to my age. I'm now a few days into the chapter of 22, and I have to admit, it feels a bit like stepping into the "grown-up" zone.

Yet, in the grand scheme of things, being 22 is merely a stepping stone. The real anticipation looms for what lies ahead. By this time next year, if all goes according to plan (fingers crossed), I'll have earned my qualifications and will stand on the precipice of 23. A year that promises a brand new adventure—looking after people, particularly the ill ones. It's an exciting yet nerve-wracking prospect.

Speaking of time flying by, I've suddenly realized that I'm approaching the halfway mark of my summer "holiday." In all honesty, it doesn't feel like I've had much of a holiday at all. It's been a whirlwind from wrapping up my surgical rotation to making a beeline for Edinburgh Airport in the evening. From there, I embarked on a journey that included more traveling and a somewhat jet-lagged car ride in the sweltering Florida heat.

The highlight of my trip? The Florida theme parks, no doubt. They were a blast, although not exactly what one would call relaxing. Take, for instance, the roller coaster ride in the picture I've attached. The image hardly does it justice. They film you throughout the ride, which is a fantastic keepsake but comes with a hefty price tag. Navigating Harry Potter land was an adventure in itself, demanding not only patience but also a hat to combat the relentless Florida sweat.

While my Floridian getaway spanned only a week, it was a much-needed escape from the everyday grind. My poor flatmate, on the other hand, has tacked on his elective at the end of his fourth year and has yet to enjoy a proper break since January.

As for my so-called non-holiday, I returned home on a Sunday, still battling jet lag, only to set off for Glasgow the following day. That's when the podcasting adventure began! It involved writing, acting in, and editing clinical procedures. I hit the ground running, quite literally, the morning I returned from working at T in the Park. With only a week to work with the film crew, we had our hands full, and it carried me right through to my birthday weekend.

And here I am now, with my elective at Yorkhill on the horizon. I can't help but wish I could've spent this summer somewhere far away, especially considering that summer seems to have deserted us here. But the reality is, I've got over a year to go in this journey, and the perpetual search for funding to support my endeavors never really ends. Staying put is the pragmatic choice, so I'll make the most of it and nod and smile when folks reminisce about their elective holidays come September. Sigh.