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September 21st, 2009 No comments
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Welcome to Edinburgh...

It’s been a while now since my last post. I’d love to say that things have been hectically busy but this is not really the case. I’m now into my 4th week of 4th year with only 2 left to go before I’ve finished 1/10th of my final years.

So why has it not been too hectic? Unfortunately my “cohort” timetable is a bit medically challenged (at least before Christmas). I’m current on an SSM/SSC looking at Major Incidents, soon to be followed by one on neonates (which, I guess, will have some medicine in it). After that will be my first “proper” block – psychiatry.

So what have I been up to? Well in truth I’ve been holding out for some pictures to show. They should be worth it, but they’re not forthcoming. Instead, I’ve managed to find some video from Edinburgh Evening News here (hit play). The article basically explains what is going on. I can’t find myself in the video (I’d be on a stretcher) but will hopefully be able to get some sort of pictures in the future.

As my SSM is loosely based around this sort of stuff I also went to the site the week previously. This was a much smaller group, giving the ambulance staff a chance to familiarise themselves with the equipment. Unlike the actual scenario though, that day was raining considerably. I was pretty glad to see the sun on the 16th, since we were lying around for ages. The ins and outs of the day are a bit much to go into but I would recommend the casualty bit for the future – just make sure it’s summer (money is also a plus).

Other things I’ve been doing in the last few weeks include confined space rescuing with the fire service here (in the tunnel in the last photo. I managed to cannulate…ok so the model had no blood but still….). Also with the police in their vehicle (or similar!). The camera is fantastic, beware!

Finally getting started with the Red Cross. Should hopefully be doing a couple of events in the next month, including the fireworks in November. It was that night, 4 years ago, where I first considered becoming a first aid volunteer. Somehow it’s taken the 4 years for me to actually go there are a first aider. As per last year I’ll (timetable permitting) be teaching the 1st years some sort of first aid. Being me I’ve went and decided to redo some of last years slides to try and keep it interesting. I can hope…

Also managed to go to what may have been my last appearance an Open Day. I was giving 2 talks to prospective applicants (both went ok…I think).

Now I’ll try and keep this updated a bit more!

Credit for the photo should be given to the Evening News, as it comes from their video.

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Glasgow 1st year Medicine books

August 31st, 2009 5 comments

A lot of people who I meet coming to start at Glasgow are confused about whether they should be buying lots of books before hand. Probably not, it’s almost certainly better to wait until you start. Despite that, I thought I’d give my views on some books typically used in 1st year at Glasgow. All books link to Amazon although I don’t receive royalty for the links (so click away!).

Anatomy (Almost certainly one of these)


Now in a 2 volume 12th edition Tortora (as it’s affectionately known as) remains a favourite for 1st years. Covering most of the anatomy and physiology you will ever encounter, this is one a lot of people buy. Personally I would try and experiment a bit more, it’s a decent book but the faculty hate it. Some of the individual anatomy and physiology books offer more and explain things clearer.


Either this one or one of the updated Clinical or Colour atlases are faculty favourites for anatomy learning. I haven’t seen the updated books but I found McMinn’s a tricky book for beginners. Almost all of the images are based on dissected specimens which, although very realistic, make it hard to see what’s going where. I much prefer the (slightly larger) book below.


Recently updated, this excellent anatomy book tries to make everything seem relevant by relating it to clinical practice. Whilst perhaps a bit much for 1st or even 2nd year, I wish I’d bought it early and actually got the full use out of it. One to look at!


Not to be laughed at, this book is actually really good at making you apply anatomy – which is generally quite dull. It does require a bit of time to get it usable as a book but for something you are only slightly interested in learning (something you’ve come across but not expected to know in detail, for example) it can be useful.
Fast Track

Fast Track

I’ve only come across this recently but I’ve grown to like it. It presents a question and answer format for the most important and commonly encountered anatomy topics. A chapter is finished with pictures (not the best of quality) which show some of the topics. Nice and small book, perfect for the train or similar.

Read more…

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Snow Leopard – Shot myself in the foot

August 24th, 2009 No comments

Most Mac users will no doubt be happy with the announcement that Snow Leopard will be out this Friday (28th August), especially at the price of only £25! Unfortunately I seem to have shot myself in the foot. I haven’t upgraded to Leopard yet, I was waiting for the price to drop or some really nice features that make me want to pay. For a few reasons I now want to get up to Snow Leopard and iLife 09. Apple are happy to sell me the Mac Box Set with everything I need for £129.

However, I was a bit silly earlier this year and decided to buy iWork 09 (it being installable on Tiger). This means I’ll be buying the Box Set with bits of software I don’t need.

I’m looking at the cost of getting Leopard -> Snow Leopard + iLife but I can’t see it being less than £129. Can I resell the iWork from the box set?

Either way, silly me!

Edit: Maybe not! Apparently Snow Leopard will install happily on Tiger. In which case I’d have saved some money. Will be waiting for a few days to see how other people upgrading from Tiger get on (someone obviously will).

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IP.Board 3 – An icon for my app

August 19th, 2009 1 comment

Something nice and quick I’ve come across recently whilst upgrading my IP.Board modification to a new version 3 “Application”. In the Admin CP on the My Apps dropdown there is the ability to have a nice little icon beside the title. You’ll find the IPS calendar has this and I wanted something similar.

As it turns out this is fairly simple – providing you are using the application structure in version 3. Simply add your icon to the skin_cp folder as appIcon.png.

Done! :)

Couldn’t find anything about this when I searched so I thought I’d put it here.

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Found a car…ish

August 15th, 2009 1 comment

As I mentioned on my earlier post I was looking for a car which I eventually found a week and a bit ago. It’s a nice cheery red Nissan Micra:


Not perfect, far from it, but one that should last me a little while anyway. Or so I thought, anyway, until this morning when the thing refused to start. I’ve just tried it again and, although very close, still no joy. I don’t know if the fair bit of rain yesterday has cause it or whether I’m just unlucky but either way it’s rather annoying. Very annoying this morning infact, since I had to go get money for a taxi to get to work.

Take it back, try and fix it, I don’t know. Guess this is the welcome message from the car owners club. Sigh.

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iPhone, Gmail and Deleted Messages

August 6th, 2009 7 comments

I’ll be the first to admit the iPhone and Gmail don’t work overly well (using the iPhone’s Mail app). A bit of digging though and you’ll find the ideal way to set up Gmail on the iPhone.

The problem I’ve been having is with messages I want archived. Using the delete function on the iPhone certainly gets them archived but also adds a silly “Deleted Messages” label to it. I like control over my labels and this was a bit annoying.

Update – See ross71521’s comment below for a slightly more effective solution, although mine still works ;)

The solution: On the iPhone go to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> {Your Gmail account} -> Advanced -> Deleted Mailbox. I set my Deleted Mailbox to All Mail (on the server) and the labels are no more.

Not noticed any bugs with this but let me know if there’s something I’ve missed.

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WordPress as a CMS – Useful URLs

July 30th, 2009 No comments

Many people are now considering using WordPress as a content management system (CMS). While that is not what WordPress was originally designed for, it can be an excellent CMS if used properly.

One of the problems for those trying to set up a CMS with WordPress is to try and have the URLs make sense. Imagine having a site with a root install (WordPress) and also wanting a forum (in /forum say). It wouldn’t make much sense to have links for blog posts coming from the root but yet having to go through a folder for a forum. At least, it doesn’t make much sense to me.

What I wanted to do was separate blog posts from the rest of WordPress. We want WordPress to run the whole show but we need to make the actual blog look like a separate entity.

As it turns out, this is rather simple. The permalink features of WordPress can sort it all out. To set this up you’ll need everything mentioned in the Codex Permalinks article.

On the permalinks screen, select the structure of your choice. A numerical indicator is recommended at least somewhere. You should have some content in the Custom Structure box by selecting one of the default options. Simply modify this to include the “subfolder” you want your blog to live (something like /blog/ would make sense, no?). You should be left with something like this: Picture 1Simply Save and your blog will now appear as if it is in a subdirectory. Much more logistical. Pages are unaffected by this change so you can add pages to your CMS to your hearts content. I’ve found this works well, although plugins may be affected.

Would be interested if anyone has done this differently.

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Looking for a car

July 28th, 2009 6 comments

For my 21st birthday last week (which I forgot to blog about) the plan is to get a car. Particularly useful since I’m now going into 4th year and for my first (proper) block I’ll need to be at Inverclyde frequently. I also kind of need it for work at the weekend. Managed to get completely soaked on Sunday in the supposed summer weather.

Unfortunately, finding a car isn’t as simple as it should be. Conditions are:

  • Under £1k
  • Ideally under 100k miles
  • Ideally not much older than 10 years
  • MOT with a good few months left
  • Not French (no offence, they’re just rubbish cars)
  • Within about 40 miles from here

I’ve got August to try and find one, seen a few that I quite the look of but aren’t great. Hopefully I’ll get one soon, will get some nice pics of it for here when I do.

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Looking for work

July 21st, 2009 No comments

It will soon be the end of my elective and I will be returning home for the month of August. As such, I’ll be looking at filling my time hopefully by gaining a bit of money in the process. This basically means I’m looking to do a bit of work for around a months duration (obviously it can be less).

The types of things I’d be keen to get involved with include:

  • General web programming (PHP/MySQL mainly)
  • WordPress based sites (looking at anything from plugins, modifications or SEO improvements)
  • Web hosting companies (support over sales ideally, live and/or ticket)
  • Computer hardware repair/upgrade/builds
  • Computer software installations/clean ups
  • At a push – any phlebotomy work

The first 3 I would be happy dealing with anyone around the globe although I’m limited to the English language. The bottom 3 are more location specific, I’m based in Stirling, Scotland and I wouldn’t be too keen to travel far for these.

I have written up some information regarding previous experience in these areas, which I would suggest reading.

Anyone interest should contact me at [email protected]. Anyone who would prefer to call me, drop me an email and we’ll see what we can arrange.

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Helicopter time

July 14th, 2009 No comments

Back in April I was booked in to go on a helicopter trip over the Forth Bridges in Edinburgh. Since that was unfortunately cancelled I ended up going last Saturday. Took quite a few pictures, some of my favourites being the following.

It was quite a smooth ride overall. It went rather quick as well. Certainly felt like a small child again and I was quite lucky to get such a nice day for it. Well recommended but I’d suggest going for something a bit longer.

See the full album.

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