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Isn’t it summer?

July 21st, 2010 1 comment

It is, apparently, July. Looking out my window it could be anything from November to March without too much convincing. Nevertheless, being July, means that I increase age yet another year. I’m now a few days into being 22 and I dislike it. I feel old.

On the other hand, this time next year (hopefully) I will have qualified and am sure to be even more terrified about being 23 and about to start looking after people. Ill people. Oh dear!

I’m also approaching the rough half mark in my summer “holiday”. In truth I barely feel like I’ve had many days of holiday, going from a final morning of surgery to Edinburgh airport in the evening. This was followed by a good deal of travelling then a jet lagged car trip in the baking Florida heat. Florida theme parks followed which, while enjoyable, are not quite that relaxing! Take this for example:

The picture doesn’t do it justice. It does film you throughout the ride, which was great to watch, but ridiculously expensive to buy. Getting about Harry Potter land also requires a great deal of patience and a hat to wipe the sweat away.

While I was only there for a week, it was great to get out of the country. My poor flatmate has tagged his elective on to the end of 4th year and effectively hasn’t had a break yet. Since January.

Back to my non-holiday, I returned Sunday lunch time, barely awake, to return to Glasgow the following day. So began the podcasting! This has involved my writing, acting in and editing clinical procedures. Indeed, I started acting the morning I returned from working T in the Park. With only a week with the film crew, we had lots to get through. It carried me through to my birthday weekend rather quickly.

And so here I am and after next week I return to medicine as I begin my elective in Yorkhill. I wish I could’ve gone away, especially since summer seems to be over here. I still have over a year to go though and the money to support me is a never ending hunt. It’s best I stayed, I’ll just have to make the most out of it.

And nod and smile when people recall their elective holiday come September. Sigh.

A&E so far

July 6th, 2009 No comments

I’m now into my second week of my A&E elective. So far I’ve seen a nice mix of things from painful hands, shoulders, ribs, knees, ankles and feet to COPD, DVTs, falls, chest and abdo pain to a cardiac arrest we were sadly unable to resuscitate. Quite a lot for just over a week of starting.

Last week was particularly warm outside but despite this the heating remained on for reasons that escape me. This turned the department into a sauna and I was struggling to cope. Now that we’re back to rain, the heating has been turned off and I’m almost feeling cold!

The attitude from staff has been excellent, everyone is happy for us to get involved. I’ve had the chance to practice some cannulation and blood gases. I’ve also done a fair number of venepuncture but this doesn’t quite excite me to the same extent. Indeed for the start of this week I’ll be working as a phleb from 7-9am and then in A&E from 9 till 4ish pm. Quite a long day! To top it off I plan to cycle in on those days so I should be fairly fit by the end of this (and shattered!).

The hospital is one of the few with a helicopter landing pad. Twice now I have been out with the brightly coloured jacket to receive the patient. As yet none has been terribly serious and I’ve just been happy to familiarise myself with procedures. It is probably only a matter of time though before we get something a little bit scary coming in and it’ll be interesting to see how it’s managed. I have take two of my own helicopter trip this Saturday which I’m looking forward to.

I plan on spending the Saturday night in the department to see what the infamous Glasgow population can get up to. That also happens to be T in the Park weekend (which I’m sadly not attending) so maybe it’ll be a little more tame than normal. We’ll see.

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Almost there

October 20th, 2008 No comments

After 4 weeks of this SSM I’m almost at the end of it. It seems bizzare to start year 3 properly at the beginning of November and to consider that I’m half way to the Christmas holidays already. In truth I’m quite excited about getting started. The last couple of weeks, as i mentioned back then, haven’t been the most exciting. I’ve been labouring over my lab reports for the last few days and I’m now bored of them too.

That said, I’ve been doing enough outside of the course that the time seems to have flown by. Apparently October is a popular birthday month as well as a personal anniversary. These combined seemed to eat away a week of the last month in a Pacman like style. All were rather enjoyable so I can’t begrudge them.

We have finally been informed a bit more about how third year operates leading to mixed feelings of both excitement and nervousness. It boils down to something like this:

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A&E anybody?

August 13th, 2008 2 comments

I got an email yesterday replying to an enquiry about spending my 3rd year (junior) elective in the Southern General Accident and Emergency Department. Happily I’m all booked up for July next year! Why that choice?

A&E because:

  • It may actually be my future career. May be nice to get some experience as early as possible.
  • I will see a variety of people, hopefully consolidating a lot of what I’ve learned already and will learn by the end of 3rd yr.
  • It’s not an area that we’ll cover in the course for a while (if at all?)
  • It’s a busy place and I’ll hopefully be able to get involved at some level

The Southern becase:

  • I know where it is!
  • I can live in the area without spending too much money. I can save more for my senior elective (where i’ll probably go abroad).
  • It’s a busy hospital, lots to do
  • It even has a helipad (the only one in Glasgow).
  • Probably a few more.

So, basically, if anyone is planning on being injured near the Southern in July 2009 (I’m sure people plan it…) then you might just see me looking after you.

…I feel your pain.


June 24th, 2008 2 comments

I meant to post this yesterday, but I’ve become quite interested in WordPress that it slipped my mind a bit. Plus, I had to leave not long after the results came out (which they didn’t until about 5:30pm!).

In the big picture, I’m now in 3rd year :D ! While this is kind of all that really matters at the end of the day, I was a little bit disappointed with the results. I felt it had went better than it obviously did, which I don’t like. That said, a number of people have failed that I really would’ve expected so in a way I’m being a bit unfair moaning at my pass.

Either way, it’s now ever and I can plan things like electives. Oh, and I can work non-stop apparently. Rejoice.

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Tick tock

May 26th, 2008 2 comments

Two weeks this very day I will have finished the first paper of year two. I have jumped my revision into what I’d describe as 4th gear. Yesterday I managed to kill my personal record for revising in the SL – a whole 14 hours. Unfortunately this is probably a bit of an overestimate as I do need to eat, excrete and not forgetting procrastinate. I remain worryingly confident that all will be well. Even today, as I glanced over my least favourite of the blocks (gastro), I feel that come two weeks I will still be smiling – perhaps a little nervously.

At the moment I’ve been spending far too long looking at electives for the coming years – this assuming I will pass. Ideally, I’d love to spend my third year (junior) elective with the HEMS team in London and my senior one somewhere abroad. Unfortunately the competitiveness might be too much for me and I’m not generally too lucky. Still, it’s worth an email, I just want to wait till my exam results are in. I can’t really work out plans for my senior one until I know whether I will be intercalating or not. This is a big decision, probably bigger than it should be, and I’m still on the fence. I don’t even know whether I’d be allowed or not.

Three weeks today an I will have finished my first training session as a phlebotomist. Yes, I finally got some news. Apparently there was much of a mess up with recruitment and a few people have been having problems. The date is provisional, which is a bit of a problem come trying to work out a start date for the Safari Park. Hopefully the two should help avoid a financial hell-hole next year, combined with a much reduced rent.

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