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Using Gmail mobile on Nokia 6500

April 1st, 2009 No comments

I recently upgraded my 02 contract to include unlimited internet browsing. While I wait to get a phone that can actually deal with this excellent bolt on I’m currently getting as much as I can out of it on my nokia 6500 classic.

Despite the problems with the phone it is quite capable of running a number of applications, including the Gmail mobile app. I downloaded it and for some strange reason the phone decides it belongs in the Games folder. Going to Menu -> Apps -> Options allows you to create a new folder (mine is “Web Apps”) and you can move the Gmail App in here (by going to Options when it’s selected from the Games folder).

After opening Gmail and logging in you’ll notice that it has a generally annoying habit of asking for network access time and time again (bascially whenever you want to do something). Thankfully there is a way around this. In the folder with the Gmail app selected, go again to the Options menu. Select Application access -> Communications -> Network access. This allows you to change how the program gains network access. For Gmail I’ve changed mine to Ask first time only which thankfully saves any of this trouble.

Other apps I’ve found so far which are worth downloading include Opera Mini and TinyTwitter. The above can also be applied to these and, especially for TinyTwitter, it helps a lot. I tried to get hold of jTwitter but kept getting 404s. Anyone able to help me here?

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Nokia 6500 classic – deleting lots of SMS messages

February 25th, 2009 29 comments

I’ve been having a problem recently with my phone – a nokia 6500 classic. Bascially, when I bought the phone I quickly found out that the memory capacity is rather large. I quite enjoyed not having to empty my inbox out very often.

A good while later I have over 5000 text messages on my phone. This has really noticable complications, mainly trying to write a message when starting the phone. It took over 10 minutes for the messaging system to ready itself from a fresh switch on, which is quite annoying after a while!

When I tried to delete these messages using the Menu -> Messaging -> Delete Messages option my phone would do something rather weird and even more annoying. After a variable number of messages, usually around 30-40, it would freeze. Deleteing would not continue. If you cancel the deleting at this point the majority of the phone is fine however trying to access any messaging features doesn’t work.

Today I managed to find a solution. Instead of using the more obvious way of deleting messages I did this:

Menu -> Messaging -> Inbox -> Options -> Mark All. This returns to the inbox with a checkmark down the whole list. Now I go for Options -> Delete marked.

It did its usual on the first attempt although it stopped after about 130 messages. Plus, it returns to the inbox when if you cancel it at this point and doesn’t lock out messaging features. I tried again and within about 2 or 3 repeats I had completely cleared the inbox. The same process on the sent items box cleaned my whole phone of messages. It’s now much speedier to load.

I imagine someone will probabaly experience a similar problem (found someone with the slide version via google) so I hope this post will save a bit of stress.

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Macworld 09

January 6th, 2009 No comments

At 4:30pm I arrive back home. My brother looks at his new game of Risk and subtly signals my participation.

At 5pm I realise the time in SF will be 9am. I pause the game to load MacRumors Live (they can’t spell properly but still have the best live coverage) expecting to see a sea of pre-keynote chatter.

At 5:05pm I realise it’s Monday. As I exclaim “idiot” my brother agrees. Play continues…

Now that I’ve actually got the correct day it gives me a chance to look at what could be coming out of the Moscone Center this afternoon.

There seems to be the general assumption that Schiller won’t be unveiling any big new products. Now that we know Jobs isn’t taking part due to health reasons I think that assumption is a bit premature. And yet, I still believe it to be true. Apple just hasn’t got the room for another iPhone sized product at the moment. I don’t think we’ll be seeing the iPhone nano today, even if it does exist.

Enhancements will probably be key. Upgrades to iTunes and the App store are almost definite with probably a bit of talk about the desktop line. I’d love to see some cloud computing discussion, possibly related to Snow Leopard? Most of that will be waiting for the WWDC I’d guess.

I’d also appreciate some price drops, although it is Apple so that is unlikely. I’ve still not upgraded to Leopard and simply don’t have any motivation to at the current price.

Away from Apple any sign of Chrome for the Mac would be a real surprise. I don’t think we’ll be getting that today though and no doubt any Safari competitor would not be featuring in an Apple keynote, regardless of who delivers it.

While we’ll still have the WWDC and no doubt other Apple controlled events I’m going to miss the suspense and rumour that the Macworld keynote brings. I hope Phil Schiller ends Apple’s participation in style.

On a briefly related note:

Loved it!

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Simple things

June 4th, 2008 No comments

With 4 and a bit days to go till my exams start today I finished my final PBL scenario of the year (alcoholic liver disease). Personally I considered it a horrid final scenario but wonder if the idea was to put us off drinking too much following the exam. Good luck.

Whilst finishing the questions I came across a sentence about liver function tests that I felt just had to be explained like so:

if ($g_gt > G_GT_NORM) AND ($alk_phos == ALK_P_NORM)
$patient = “boozer”;
$patient = “complicated”;

I felt like I needed to come on here and reflect upon the sadness (and difficulties, I made many mistakes!) of writing code in my notes. In conclusion I’ve decided the stress has finally got to me.
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