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Off at a tangent

June 11th, 2010 No comments

So, unlike that interview from a few years past, I actually got this job. It’ll be a logistical headache but otherwise should be good.


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Completing the loop

June 11th, 2010 No comments

No, I’ve not done an audit. That remains one of the tick boxes I haven’t managed to tick over the last four years. With any luck, it won’t matter too much.

Instead I’m about to prepare for the start of my final year in the same way as I ended my first – I’m going for an interview. This will be the third interview since I’ve started Uni and almost certainly will be the last before a proper job. Indeed, I don’t even get an interview for my first two years, so this will be the first one until I apply for specialist training – scary! Although this sounds rather trivial, it has a bit of a deeper meaning which I’ll leave for a later post.

The job is something I have a bit of an interest in – mixing both medicine with some IT and creating some podcasts to teach clinical skills. I think the end idea is to try and research how effective they are. This ticks another of my interests – medical education. All seems rather perfect! They want someone working through the summer for a minimum for 4 weeks. This is where I start to worry a little. Between coming back from Florida and starting my elective, I do have 4 weeks free. However, I’ve also volunteered to go to T in the Park with the Red Cross. Hopefully it shouldn’t clash too much, but I don’t really want to have to pick between them. I personally don’t see a terrible amount of people applying for this, but I shouldn’t get complacent. We’ll see how it goes!

In the mean time, I’m back in Glasgow for the Snow Patrol concert on Saturday. The flat is empty apart from me and I’ve taken to putting things on the wall to keep me sane. Pictures when it starts to look impressive!

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Offers without interview: is it pushing it?

March 14th, 2009 3 comments

I’m a self confessed observer of all things related to admission to medical school, particularly Glasgow. I don’t really know why, it just interests me. I’ve tried twice to get involved on the admissions committee but so far no luck. This year I’m giving around a 15 minute talk to those who are considering Glasgow at the Applicant’s day at the end of the month.

The application process is quite a roller coaster for those on it. A very drawn out process that spans across 6 months of the year. Just last week it seems the bulk of this years Glasgow applicants has been given offers. Congrats to them!

However this year was rather different from last. A good deal of offers had already been given out – to those who hadn’t been interviewed.

This might not seem like a big change but personally I see it as quite significant.

As a bit of background, interview has long been the pass or fail criteria for Glasgow applicants. The introduction of the UKCAT seems to have changed this a bit. There is a progressive reliance on the UKCAT to rank candidates. I, thank goodness, didn’t have to take the UKCAT but those who have generally don’t appreciate the experience.

Whether or not the UKCAT is a good tool for applicants is beyond me. However I do believe that simply the best way to get the feel for an applicant is to speak to them. Isn’t this what they try and teach us all about in communication skills? It seems confusing that they are now dropping this as a prerequisite for an offer.

Beyond that I remember quite a bit of mockery from the Glasgow faculty regarding Edinburgh’s refusal to interview any school leavers (grads were a bit different). A bit of hypocrisy now, no?

I’ve yet to ask about the reasoning behind this. Maybe a good reason exists. The rumour that the current chair of admissions is retiring seems a little more solid. Is the chair-to-be not so keen on interviews?

I don’t know what kind of impact this will have on the ability of students. I mean this in no offence to those coming to us in September but I do look forward to seeing whether there are a bit different in a subtle sort of way. Will anyone be interviewed next yet? I hope so but it’s any one’s guess what will change next.

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