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Macworld 09, post-keynote

January 6th, 2009 No comments

I think we can all agree that it was a pretty average keynote? Certainly not one MacRumors will want to remember – I realised just how good their feed is when I had to go try and find something to replace it.

iPhoto looks great. I was using it earlier today and many of those new features would greatly improve how my library is managed. As for iMove and Garageband I can only really say “meh”.

iWork offers some needed improvements – EndNote integration in Pages is awesome and I’ll be looking into properly using it in the future.

My real surprise was in the Box Set which was almost aimed straight at me and offers quite a price reduction compared to the individual packages. I can’t exactly afford it right now but I’ll probably consider it in the next few months. My only concern is Snow Leopard may be out by that time, pushing the price higher or replacing it altogether.

I have a feeling everyone has a bit of a misconception about DRM free music. I understood it that it will be offered on iTunes Plus along side regular iTunes – no doubt at a hiked price. Certainly a step in the right direction though.

The lack of hardware upgrades, particularly for the Mini, is interesting. The next regular big Apple event would be the WWDC in June. Could we perhaps be seeing something between now and then that will give us something to get interested in? I hope so, but probably not.

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Macworld 09

January 6th, 2009 No comments

At 4:30pm I arrive back home. My brother looks at his new game of Risk and subtly signals my participation.

At 5pm I realise the time in SF will be 9am. I pause the game to load MacRumors Live (they can’t spell properly but still have the best live coverage) expecting to see a sea of pre-keynote chatter.

At 5:05pm I realise it’s Monday. As I exclaim “idiot” my brother agrees. Play continues…

Now that I’ve actually got the correct day it gives me a chance to look at what could be coming out of the Moscone Center this afternoon.

There seems to be the general assumption that Schiller won’t be unveiling any big new products. Now that we know Jobs isn’t taking part due to health reasons I think that assumption is a bit premature. And yet, I still believe it to be true. Apple just hasn’t got the room for another iPhone sized product at the moment. I don’t think we’ll be seeing the iPhone nano today, even if it does exist.

Enhancements will probably be key. Upgrades to iTunes and the App store are almost definite with probably a bit of talk about the desktop line. I’d love to see some cloud computing discussion, possibly related to Snow Leopard? Most of that will be waiting for the WWDC I’d guess.

I’d also appreciate some price drops, although it is Apple so that is unlikely. I’ve still not upgraded to Leopard and simply don’t have any motivation to at the current price.

Away from Apple any sign of Chrome for the Mac would be a real surprise. I don’t think we’ll be getting that today though and no doubt any Safari competitor would not be featuring in an Apple keynote, regardless of who delivers it.

While we’ll still have the WWDC and no doubt other Apple controlled events I’m going to miss the suspense and rumour that the Macworld keynote brings. I hope Phil Schiller ends Apple’s participation in style.

On a briefly related note:

Loved it!

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…Mac fixed!

August 12th, 2008 No comments

Popped into the Apple store on Sunday with my MacBook and presented my problem. They didn’t even question the warranty period. Instead I left the shop about 10 minutes later with a free replacement battery.

Considering I was thinking I might have to pay around 50 for a new one, I’m quite chuffed.

Now I just need my TV licence refund and old flat deposit and I should be a little safer in the money camp.

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Broke a Mac…

August 7th, 2008 2 comments

I knew it wouldn’t be impossible, just quite difficult.

However, it seems I’ve broke the battery at least. Technically the die hard mactards would probably claim the computer itself is fine (a fair point, something I’d probably say).

The problem? The battery doesn’t appear to be recognised. Apple knows about it but unfortunately none of those work to solve it.

Honestly, I think i’ll be needing a new battery (99 from Apple!) but I plan on taking it into the Apple store tomorrow and see if there are any other options.

Apart from that, I now have grown a hatred for the MagSafe power adapter.

On the plus side, I did manage to fix our DVD recorder after my mum decided it would be a good idea to put two DVDs in at the same time…

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