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Using Gmail mobile on Nokia 6500

April 1st, 2009 No comments

I recently upgraded my 02 contract to include unlimited internet browsing. While I wait to get a phone that can actually deal with this excellent bolt on I’m currently getting as much as I can out of it on my nokia 6500 classic.

Despite the problems with the phone it is quite capable of running a number of applications, including the Gmail mobile app. I downloaded it and for some strange reason the phone decides it belongs in the Games folder. Going to Menu -> Apps -> Options allows you to create a new folder (mine is “Web Apps”) and you can move the Gmail App in here (by going to Options when it’s selected from the Games folder).

After opening Gmail and logging in you’ll notice that it has a generally annoying habit of asking for network access time and time again (bascially whenever you want to do something). Thankfully there is a way around this. In the folder with the Gmail app selected, go again to the Options menu. Select Application access -> Communications -> Network access. This allows you to change how the program gains network access. For Gmail I’ve changed mine to Ask first time only which thankfully saves any of this trouble.

Other apps I’ve found so far which are worth downloading include Opera Mini and TinyTwitter. The above can also be applied to these and, especially for TinyTwitter, it helps a lot. I tried to get hold of jTwitter but kept getting 404s. Anyone able to help me here?

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