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Hello 2008!

January 4th, 2008 No comments

So here it is, the start of another year. I decided to spend a bit of time changing the blog since it’s probably the only time this year that i’ll be bothered to do so. The most obvious is the new photo gallery which gathers albums from my Picasa account. This is rather empty at the moment, but I’ll try and keep it updated.

As for hogmanay itself, I did manage to get to the castle to watch the Proclaimers. They were pretty good, although I will admit to not knowing too many of their songs. I was wondering whether they’d finish before the bells since they started their final song (I’m Gonna Be, obviously) just minutes before midnight. They then went and confused me by playing through Big Ben immediately after – making me think it was new year – before starting a countdown. Here’s a small clip of one of their songs:

[soon, it wasn't such a successful post]

Quality is nothing spectacular because a) it’s pretty dark, b) my camera’s pretty poor, c) I must’ve had my hand over the mic for a bit, d) some idiot is waving a Scotland flag around and e) i’ve compressed the file – but it’s better than nothing.The fireworks following, however, were pretty spectacular. Unfortunately it was quite a misty night so despite being very close we couldn’t see much. I’ve strung together this very amateur video of what I managed to record though:

Finally, here’s a stream of still photos from the night:

I’m terribly proud of this post although it’s probably going to be a rare one.New Year also made me wonder about whether it’s just me that notices the first aiders on duty, so that’s my new poll.

Only a few days to go now before I start on some cardiovascular work, not exactly looking forward to the “work” part…

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