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Isn’t it summer?

July 21st, 2010 1 comment

It is, apparently, July. Looking out my window it could be anything from November to March without too much convincing. Nevertheless, being July, means that I increase age yet another year. I’m now a few days into being 22 and I dislike it. I feel old.

On the other hand, this time next year (hopefully) I will have qualified and am sure to be even more terrified about being 23 and about to start looking after people. Ill people. Oh dear!

I’m also approaching the rough half mark in my summer “holiday”. In truth I barely feel like I’ve had many days of holiday, going from a final morning of surgery to Edinburgh airport in the evening. This was followed by a good deal of travelling then a jet lagged car trip in the baking Florida heat. Florida theme parks followed which, while enjoyable, are not quite that relaxing! Take this for example:

The picture doesn’t do it justice. It does film you throughout the ride, which was great to watch, but ridiculously expensive to buy. Getting about Harry Potter land also requires a great deal of patience and a hat to wipe the sweat away.

While I was only there for a week, it was great to get out of the country. My poor flatmate has tagged his elective on to the end of 4th year and effectively hasn’t had a break yet. Since January.

Back to my non-holiday, I returned Sunday lunch time, barely awake, to return to Glasgow the following day. So began the podcasting! This has involved my writing, acting in and editing clinical procedures. Indeed, I started acting the morning I returned from working T in the Park. With only a week with the film crew, we had lots to get through. It carried me through to my birthday weekend rather quickly.

And so here I am and after next week I return to medicine as I begin my elective in Yorkhill. I wish I could’ve gone away, especially since summer seems to be over here. I still have over a year to go though and the money to support me is a never ending hunt. It’s best I stayed, I’ll just have to make the most out of it.

And nod and smile when people recall their elective holiday come September. Sigh.

Completing the loop

June 11th, 2010 No comments

No, I’ve not done an audit. That remains one of the tick boxes I haven’t managed to tick over the last four years. With any luck, it won’t matter too much.

Instead I’m about to prepare for the start of my final year in the same way as I ended my first – I’m going for an interview. This will be the third interview since I’ve started Uni and almost certainly will be the last before a proper job. Indeed, I don’t even get an interview for my first two years, so this will be the first one until I apply for specialist training – scary! Although this sounds rather trivial, it has a bit of a deeper meaning which I’ll leave for a later post.

The job is something I have a bit of an interest in – mixing both medicine with some IT and creating some podcasts to teach clinical skills. I think the end idea is to try and research how effective they are. This ticks another of my interests – medical education. All seems rather perfect! They want someone working through the summer for a minimum for 4 weeks. This is where I start to worry a little. Between coming back from Florida and starting my elective, I do have 4 weeks free. However, I’ve also volunteered to go to T in the Park with the Red Cross. Hopefully it shouldn’t clash too much, but I don’t really want to have to pick between them. I personally don’t see a terrible amount of people applying for this, but I shouldn’t get complacent. We’ll see how it goes!

In the mean time, I’m back in Glasgow for the Snow Patrol concert on Saturday. The flat is empty apart from me and I’ve taken to putting things on the wall to keep me sane. Pictures when it starts to look impressive!

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T in the Park

July 10th, 2008 1 comment

T in the Park 2008 begins tomorrow evening in Balado. I will be joining festivities early on Saturday morning where I will be part of the first aid team onsite. I’m covering the hours of 10am-6pm on both the Saturday and the Sunday. Honestly, I can’t wait.

The atmosphere will be terrific, the bands will be awesome (any bets on whether Amy Winehouse will turn up?) and the first aid requirements are likely to be greater than any I’ve experienced. Because of that, I’m not quite sure the best way to prepare. At the moment it looks like I’ll be a foot patrol on the site which means the majority of cases I can probably send/escort to a first aid post. I do imagine I’ll be rotating around throughout the day.

Ideally I’d like a few (not too many!) cases where I might need to rack my head to think of how to deal with it. Interestingly we have a number of St John’s members from down south (particularly Leeds) who are coming up, a few on my shifts and possibly as my partner. This would be quite good, I’d love to hear about the differences between us. On the other hand if they wear the green uniform everyone is going to treat them like ambulance staff. Should be interesting!

I’d planned to do some live-twittering but we’ve been told phones should be off whilst on duty. I might manage to slip a few in during my breaks and in the evenings.

All in all, I hope the weather stays nice and that I don’t loose anything I need. Hopefully I’ll be enjoy myself!

In other news, I have 1 week remaining of teenage years. Ahhh! May be getting an iPhone for my birthday though!

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